About ILEA Vancouver

About Us

About ILEA Vancouver

ILEA Vancouver Chapter was founded in 1993. Its membership represents skilled professionals who are passionate about networking, knowledge and event inspiration. Being a member of the creative events industry and ILEA Vancouver means you are part of an industry that is essential, creative and communicates. It is a global industry that we, as ILEA, have supported for over 25 years.

As a creative events professional, you are looking to learn, to connect, to be inspired, to belong and above all to be part of something special, something valued.

Our events and programs are designed to:

  • Inspire
  • Add value to membership
  • Increase the profile and build awareness of ILEA Vancouver and the events industry
  • Connect members and build relationships

About ILEA

ILEA History

Originally called the International Special Events Society (ISES), ILEA was founded in 1987 in response to phenomenal growth in the industry, a growing demand for promoting professionalism and providing continuing education. ILEA is the only international association which serves as an umbrella organization bringing together the many different disciplines involved in the special events industry. In 2016, ISES changed its name to ILEA, International Live Events Association.

Who is ILEA?

International Live Events Association is comprised of over 2,800 professionals in 27 countries representing special events producers (from festivals to trade shows), caterers, decorators, florists, destination management companies, rental companies, special effects experts, tent suppliers, audio-visual technicians, party and convention coordinators, balloon artists, educators, journalists, hotel sales managers, specialty entertainers, convention center managers, and many more.

ILEA helps you get ahead in your career . . .

. . . through your local chapter network. With 29 chapters worldwide, you are able to participate by attending local meetings and education seminars, and receiving chapter newsletters with local industry information & registration. Plus, you’ll meet special events professionals from your region — people who have the potential to become suppliers, clients, and/or partners to your business. A list of local chapters can be found here.

. . . by giving you access to an ever-expanding resource library. Expand your horizons — call ILEA Headquarters. We will point you toward the right person, resource or ILEA service. Remember that in any profession, information & registration and advancement go hand-in-hand.

ILEA meets your need for continuing education . . .

. . . through ILEA LIVE, the official conference of the International Live Events Associations. ILEA LIVE offers well-known industry speakers and educators, networking, and renewing old friendships and business contacts every year.

. . . through Education Spotlight Series. This members-only webinar series offers year-round education focused on the business of being a creative. Webinars are offered live once a month and will be recorded and posted in the Communities. Each webinar will focus on a specific theme:

Business Growth
Marketing & Trends
Education & Certification

ILEA gives you the recognition you want and deserve . . .

. . . the ILEA logo on your business card or in your company’s advertisements and newsletters tells your clients and your peers that they are working with someone who is committed to performing the highest standards of customer service and providing the highest quality of product.

. . . through professional accreditation, the CSEP designation. Becoming a CSEP — Certified Special Events Professional — means you have attained the hallmark of professional achievement in the special events industry.

. . . by participating in ILEA’ prestigious awards program, ILEA Esprit. ILEA Esprit was created to honor the excellence and spirit of cooperation within the special events industry.

. . . by getting your name in print in the ILEA Worldwide Resource Directory. Get your name out to thousands of people worldwide. This type of publicity and resource is worth hundreds of dollars alone. But, as an ILEA member, the ILEA Worldwide Resource Directory is yours free.

Vision and Mission

ILEA Vision

The vision of ILEA expresses our place in the world. It captures our reason for being and defines our direction as an association:


ILEA Values

ILEA brand values are a set of principles that we believe in; that define who we are, what we do and how we do it. ILEA brand values also help us to craft what we say and how we say it. Each of our values are communicated internally throughout the organization and carefully explained. We tell people what our values mean to them and how they can share them.

ILEA core values are:


ILEA Mission

The International Live Events Association provides members and stakeholders:

  • Collaborative networking
  • Education and professional development
  • Inspiration
  • Outward awareness and credibility to ensure a thriving global creative events profession.